Wednesday, 10 January 2018 15:16

Labour starts to remove its MASK

Double Council Taxes On Wealthy Homes, Shadow Minister Chris Williamson Urges Labour Town Halls

Look at the face of the man who wants to tax ordinary working people as  the first steps to an old style Communist regime. He says... "Doubling council taxes on better-off homes would help Labour town halls “seize the initiative” and halt Tory cuts" states Shadow Minister Chris Williamson, a key ally of Jeremy Corbyn.

The plan would involve freezing council tax for properties rated in Bands A to C, which are worth less than £68,000.

Homes in Band D, worth between £68,000 and £88,000 and considered the ‘average’ by Whitehall, would pay 20% more.

More expensive homes would see progressively higher rates, right up to a 100% increase for the highest band H, which covers properties worth more than £320,000.

Dubbed ‘the Williamson model’ by Labour activists, the proposal has been welcomed by members of the grassroots group Momentum across the country.

Councils across the country are this month setting their tax rates and budgets for the coming year, with many including Tory boroughs set to use new freedoms to increase bills by up to 5.99% to meet social care costs.