Wednesday, 15 February 2017 15:31

Energy Savings - Overachieved by an energy efficient County

Lower carbon emissions save on electricity costs for Hampshire County Council

Energy Saving Advocate, Cllr Mel Kendall (pictured) says,  "My mum used to nag me about switching lights off to save on electricity costs. She would have been very happy with Hampshire's PFI contract to replace street lights, dim them when not needed on bright, and save millions each year as a result. These days we talk of Energy savings and carbon emission  targets. The two go hand in glove. Save on carbon emissions and you will save on energy costs if done intelligently.
So, since 2010 we have reduced our carbon emissions output by 36% and we are ahead of target to reach our goal of 40% ( of 2010 based figures) by 2025. By 2015 our cumulative savings in energy costs exceeded £29 million . This  year we shall add another £900,000 savings as a result of further initiatives in our own corporate estate. Then there is our array of solar panels on our county farms  and other suitable buildings which will save about 475 carbon tonnes per year and  about £98,000. We also have asked for and received a number of commercial enquiries to expand our sets of electric vehicle rapid charging points  throughout Hampshire over the next 5 to 10 years to meet the expected demand which electric vehicles will require. Again there is a healthy return expected on this long term investment while looking ahead to pollution free travel for our children. You can get more details on any of this from the Hampshire County Council website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.')


February 2017

Headline summary of Achievements

Carbon Reduction Strategy Phase 1: 2010 – 2015

Carbon reduction target;               20%

Carbon Reduction Achieved;         22.8%

Carbon emissions in 2010;             131,800 tonnes p.a.

Carbon emissions in 2015;             101,750 tonnes p.a. (reduction of 30,050 tonnes)

Energy Cost saved over period 2010 - 2015;           £29m (includes corporate estate and schools)

Carbon Tax saved over period;     £200,000

Carbon Reduction Strategy Phase 2: 2015 – 2025

Carbon reduction target;               40% from 2010 levels

Carbon Reduction Achieved from 2010 levels;       35.8%

Carbon emissions in 2010;             54,200 tonnes p.a.

Carbon emissions in 2016;             34,813 tonnes p.a. (reduction of 19,387 tonnes)

Energy Cost saved over period 2015 - 2016;           £900,000 (includes corporate estate only)

Carbon Tax saved over period;     £70,000

(Figures relate to the first year of phase 2 i.e. April 2015 – March 2016.)

Please note; phase 2 of the programme excludes schools, hence the lower carbon emissions figures